In Loving Memory of our Founder

Pastor Travis Lawrence


A Great Shepherd and Humble Servant of

True Vine Miracle Tabernacle Church


 This great shepherd taught that “Holiness is right.” She was a woman of great wisdom, faith, and love for God and God's people. Her deliverance ministry resulted in many souls saved and delivered under her awesome leadership. She wanted people to understand that, “The man that God can’t help is the one that will not hear”.

 First Recorded Minutes of the Original Prayer Band Recorded by Bro. Townsend (typed from original handwritten copy)

September 1, 1965

Prayer meeting began at 8:10 p.m. at the residence of Bro. & Sister Lawrence.

Meeting time—Song by S. Jefferson

Prayer by All—

Reading by—

Sister Lucky, our missionary, brought a stirring lesson.


We certainly want this prayer service to be the saving of some wandering souls. May God bless us and give us of His spirit in abundance that we may carry on in the name of Jesus our Lord.


Recorder, Bro. Townsend

Bro. Lawrence, Teacher

Assistant Teacher, B. T. Townsend





Her Spiritual Birth

Sister Travis Lucky’s spiritual birth was in approximately1963 when she was born again and was filled with the Holy Ghost by the evidence of speaking in tongues at a tent revival. She began worshipping at True Light Holy Sanctified Church on 3836 Waldorf in Fort Worth, Texas, under the leadership of Elder W. H. Jaubert. She was taught the way of holiness. She served in the mission department at Truelight.

Prayer Band

The Lord let her know that there were many people in the Grand Prairie community who needed deliverance.  This was the beginning of her deliverance ministry in Grand Prairie. The first prayer meeting was probably held in the home of her friend, Sis. Nelson. The Prayer Band was established in January of 1965 when Sis. Lucky began holding prayer meetings in the homes of Sis. Nelson, Mother Johnson, Sis. Luethel Stephens and Bro. Harese and Sis. Bertie Lawrence. Sis Lucky walked the neighborhood knocking on doors and inviting people to the prayer band. The prayer band continued for about a year.

Some of the original members of the prayer band may have included:

· Sis. Nelson

· Sis. Sneed

· Sis. Frances Johnson

· Sis. Erma Johnson

· Sis. Luethel Stephens

· Sis. Frankie Salter

· Sis. Birdie Lawrence

· Bro. Harese Lawrence


Pastoral Ministry

Sis. Travis Lucky was given the pastoral ministry after she started the prayer band. By the leading of the Lord, she began looking for a building to further her ministry. She found a building on Beaumont Street and moved the ministry there. She named the newly established church Truelight Holy Sanctified, as an extension of her home church in Fort Worth.



The church was incorporated in 1974 and the name was changed to True Vine Miracle Tabernacle.

Original Members and New Growth

After the church was established on Beaumont Street, there was a group who began attending which are called the original members.  The original members may have included included:

· Sis. Travis Lucky

· Bro. Harese Lawrence

· Sis. Birdie Lawrence

· Mother Emma Stevens

· Mother Hazel Jones

· Sis. Annie Bell Wilson

· Sis. Leona Wilson

· Sis. Annie Pearl Nelson

· Sis. Martha Wilson

· Bro and Sis. Perry


Sis. Travis Lucky and Bro. Harese Lawrence got married and continued the ministry together. When Sis. Luethel Stephens moved back to Grand Prairie, she returned to the church also.

The church began to grow and the Wilson family played a big part in that growth. Some of the new members are listed below.

· Bro. Robert Godley

· Sis. Mae Dean Stephens

· Sis. Roselind Gentry


The Builder

One Friday night at the end of service, Pastor Travis Lawrence instructed everyone to fold up their chairs because the church would be moving.  They had purchased some property on S.W. 14th Street but there was no building.  Pastor Travis pondered and sought the Lord about a builder. Later, Brother Harese Lawrence told her that he was the builder. She confirmed that he would be the master builder. He was assisted by the churches only deacon, Bro. Robert Godley, who worked tirelessly with him through completion of the building.

The Days Under the Tent

Brother Lawrence put up a tent on the new property and services were held under the tent until the foundation for poured. Along came a great wind and that tore up the tent. He repaired it once but the wind got to it again. We began having services on the concrete foundation of the new building. With the sun beaming down on the saints of God, Brother Lawrence had compassion on the people and nailed some 2 X 4s over our heads to block some of the sun’s rays.

Free Materials, Pulling Nails and Long Hours

Brother Lawrence was given two houses from which he gathered enough lumber to frame the church.  As he and Bro. Godley brought in the lumber, the women all picked up hammers and began pulling nails from the lumber to be used in the building. Everyone worked together and brought food and enjoyed the fellowship of working together to build the new building. Finally, the crowd began to thin and this left Bro. Harese Lawrence and Bro. Robert Godley to finish the building mostly alone. They would work on their regular jobs during the day and leave there and come and work on the church in the evenings and into the night.  They worked long and hard until the building was finally completed.

Growth and Saturday Prayer

The church grew to over 50 adults, not including children. We held Saturday Morning Prayer Service every Saturday at 10 a.m. People would come just for prayer and deliverance.  Some would stay and join the church and some would get deliverance and continue on where they were. 

Pastor Travis Lawrence passed away in 1992 of colon cancer.  She believed God to the end, but evidently God was ready to bring her on to Glory.  She had definitely fought a good fight, finished her course and kept the faith. She was succeeded by her husband and assistant pastor, Elder Harese Lawrence who pastored until his death in 2004.

Elder Harese Lawrence

Elder Lawrence boldly stepped into the role of pastor in 1992. Elder Lawrence continued with the new vision of the 7-Year Plan that the Lord had given him to build a new building on Robinson Road. When it was completed, a march was planned from the old building on 14th Street to the new building.  We did not actually march (we drove), but the first service was held on April 30, 2000. He changed the name of the church to New True Vine in July of 2002. He married Sister Flora Lawrence who served as first lady until his death. Elder Lawrence passed away in August of 2004.

Elder Andrew Chambers

The church was without a pastor for over two years except for a short time when Andrew Chambers was appointed as pastor by Elder Lawrence just before his death. He served approximately six months.

Elder Christopher Davis

Brother Christopher Davis was appointed as interim Pastor in 2006 and appointed as fourth pastor of New True Vine on his birthday, December 25, 2007 by Prophetess Lucy Taylor.  He was ordained by Bishop B. E. George. He continues to preach an uncompromising gospel and presses towards the vision of souls being saved in the city of Grand Prairie. His first lady, Gwendolyn Davis had been a member of True Vine since the age 11 in approximately 1972.

Special thanks to Bishop George, Supt. J. B. Smith and Elder Helen Epps for their spiritual guidance and encouragement during the trying times.

Our sincere appreciation goes to Sis. Luethel Stephens for her best recollection of the history of True Vine Miracle Tabernacle.

Our sincere appreciation to Theresa Lawrence for sharing photographs and information about our beginnings.

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